Digital Diagnostic

The diagnosis of digital presence is a mandatory process for any brand or company that wants to improve its image and presence on the internet. So here is a question, how does your company look online?

Online presence is a set of factors and efforts of a company that helps build and strengthen your brand on the web. But more than being present digitally, we need to know how to best reach your target audience, a digital diagnosis needs to be made.

Discovering which key points of your content are found through a Google is the first step. Knowing what is important to analyze within the available metrics is the second.

Finally, marketing planning is the last step in a diagnosis, where after the company’s operations environment has been analyzed, the time is set, business goals established, KPIs determined (outcome indicators), and a strategy created that will be used to achieve these objectives.

About Marketing Services’s Digital Diagnosis can identify and create buying personas, conversion strategy, and sales lead generation all while analyzing and monitoring results. 

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