Brand Monitoring

Mentions: how many times your brand is mentioned across social channels? How many mentions are positive? How many mentions are negative?

Monitoring is, in essence, taking advantage of the many tips that your customers give you every day. It means listening closely to customers, potential customers, competitors, customers of your competitors and all the people who have influence on your market.

By identifying areas where your competition is weak and the reasons why you can improve your product, offer and delivery, you can gain more market share.

One of the most important reasons for Brand monitoring is listening and to building relationships with consumers to better protect your brand.

Whether you want to learn about your customers and what they’re looking for, observe quietly, respond to critical comments, or simply engage in conversation, you need to know and understand what people are saying about your business.


    Listen carefully to your target market. Collect tailored market research, and reach out on forums, social media and blogs.

  • agencies


    See the full reach of your marketing campaigns. Measure your mentions, analyze the results, and react directly within the dashboard.

  • CEO


    Identify competitors and monitor them online. Be the first to know when they’re mentioned, launch new campaigns, or have unhappy clients.

  • marketing


    Create and export customizable real-time reports about your monitoring data. Filter by language, source, sentiment, and geo-location.

    About Marketing Services works with the collection and classification of each mention (post, video, comment, photo,  article, and others) on key social media channels such as Google, Youtube, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, making the registration and classification of the authors who published the content about your brand. 

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