Popularized by Alex Faickney Osborn in his book “Applied Imagination” published in the 50’s, the term brainstorm refers to a group creativity technique that involve all members gathering a list of spontaneously ideas in order to solve a problem.

Osborn’s technique, originally, foresaw the gathering of a group around a problem and favored the creation of ideas in quantity, without concern for quality. There could even be absurd things between them. The goal was that, later, it would be possible to filter everything and choose those that seemed most suitable for the solution.

Usually, the brainstorm process goes over 3 steps: idea capture, discussion and critique, and selection. Our team at About Marketing Services, use different types of brainstorm techniques in order to achieve the most creative results. Some of our techniques are:

  • Disney Brainstorming Method

Walt Disney, entrepreneur and film producer used to create and refine ideas by dividing the process into three distinct steps. The dreamer, the realist, and the spoiler (or critic).

Dreamer: More known as “why not”, the person playing this role is responsible for creating raw ideas, being them insane or outstanding. In doing so, the dreamer wants to find the most creative ideas possible. The dreamer is, so to speak, enthusiastic, passionate and does not think about feasibility.

The Realist: In the role of the realistic, one tries to think in a casual, realistic way. The realistic usually take the dreamer ideas, re-examined and re-worked into something more practical.

 The Spoiler (or Critic): This person is responsible for Criticize, questioning worst-case scenarios, unpleasant truths, finding the ideas weaknesses.

  • Brainwriting 

This is a nonverbal brainstorming method; in about six minutes everyone needs to write down three ideas that relate to the topic of the brainstorm. After that everyone passes their written ideas to the closest person around, who will build the ideas, adding bullet points or creative strategies. In a few minutes later, everyone will pass the written ideas again until everybody has the chance to exchange their ideas. After that the group discusses them and decides which ideas are best to use.

  • Rapid ideation 

In this method everyone writes down as many ideas as possible before any discussion or critiques. This process can be helpful to avoid the all-too-common scenario when an idea is shot down before it has time to develop, transform, and grow.

  • Round-robin brainstorming 

The round-robin brainstorm method makes all members participate, contributing one idea to the brainstorm before anyone contribute with a second idea. Like rapid ideation, this method encourages every member to participate allowing them to get all of their ideas out before moving on to the critique phase.

At About Marketing Services, we know that not every method works for every client, and that a cookie cutter approach serves no one. Rather, we strive to find the specific method to drive the best results for you, your company and your client.

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