Handling negativity on Social Media

Ricardo De Melo Matos

Making sure you have a positive online reputation is more than essential since every business is susceptible to a negative experience on social media. Once you have an online presence, it is very hard to avoid negative reviews and comments, and social media management when undertaken can play a huge role in dealing with this situation. What can start as a small issue can easily become a bigger problem if not properly addressed so it’s fundamentally important to have a strategy in place to protect your online reputation.

When facing negativity on social media, it’s important to face the issue empathetically and not react as if it’s a personal attack. To hear what the customer has to say is paramount when negative feedback is received. Try to put yourself in their position and respond sympathetically by quickly apologizing for not meeting their expectations. The best response is to offer a solution that focuses on correcting the failure while promising a better future experience. Following up with the customer after your apology and reinforcing your dedication to their satisfaction is often the best path to resolution.

When you own a business and put your heart and soul into it, it might be difficult for you to cope with negativity. But, you must deal with it strategically. Don’t ignore negative comments, try to reply politely and quickly. While it’s almost impossible to avoid negativity on social media, it is possible to minimize its impact on your online reputation.

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