Digital Marketing and customer loyalty

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We currently live in an era where there’s no denying the influence of new technologies and digital media on people’s lives. Directly or indirectly, these technologies are active in our daily lives in many ways. Whether it’s the act of making a simple purchase at the supermarket, withdrawing money at a bank, or even paying bills online; digital media has changed the way we relate to the world, and consumer behavior has kept pace and accompanied this change.

In the above scenarios, sales and marketing techniques have had to adapt to keep pace with these new market requirements. Early on, the main way to advertise a brand or product was through traditional mass media such as radio, magazines and newspapers and later through television. Today we have a new player in the way to effective communicate a sales and marketing message; digital advertising, which effectively promotes a particular product or brand through the internet.

Today the Internet provides many approach channels to reach customers and promote your specific brand. An effective plan or road map is an essential tool, whether you’re a small business or a multinational company. A web channel can be used for different marketing objectives, and still be an intuitive extension of your organization.

It is important to remember that for content marketing strategic function efficiently, it needs to be developed with specific strategies and be quite objective.

People are looking for quality content on the internet. They seek relevant information that they bring real solutions to their needs or disabilities, and that is when your company must present the ideal content for this new e- Consumers model . Then , see how content marketing can retain customers . the customer must have the confidence to make the purchase and content marketing and can be decisive for the customer’s attitude.

While there are many ways to effective use this new medium to advertise and promote your product, service or brand identity, there are only a small number of core techniques that when best utilized are extremely effective at not only attracting visitors to your website, but in converting and keeping them as customers and clients.

Social Networks – These help to disseminate your company’s information, produce relevant content and identify and target paying customers, all while digitally humanizing your brand.

Blogs – These relevant and unique publications are the best way to attract new visitors to your page, while keeping visitors already committed to your product or service. They are an effective tool in generating engagement with users, and work best when they allows readers to ask questions, receive answers, make suggestions and even criticize a company’s performance.

Search Engine Optimization – Compelling SEO results happen when the proper keywords that represent your brand well, or those aligned in synergy with your market or portfolio of services/products is chosen. Search engines generate flow to your page and you need to appear prominently in these searches to be successful. These searches can be further optimized by creating website content and links around phrases that your potential customers and clients are looking for.

Landing Pages – Good landing pages where the visitor ends up after clicking on a particular search result is an extremely positive and important sales/conversion tool. This page needs to be built strategically, so that your website can achieve good business results and/or mine for positive sales lead generation.

Email Marketing – This tool provides your brand with the best opportunity to deliver information directly to a targeted audience. The reading efficiency is very large and the cost is low, and its possible to customize campaigns for each type of customer.

Google Adwords and Facebook ADS – These allow you to create ads on equal footing  with the larger more established  “giants” of the web while simultaneously targeting your ads to a qualified specific audience. While the internet enables a campaign to be available at all times, it also allows for an ad to be suspended or altered in real time. The cost to develop or change an online advertising piece remains low, and cost effective especially when compared to other mediums of advertising.

Interactivity: Digital media is unmatched when it comes to interactivity. No other media can provide an ambient relationship as appropriate between brands and people.

When these tools are used properly and effectively, you can easily increase your digital marketing presence, increase your potential customer reach, while ensuring customer retention.

Tips for trolls: How social media can win an election

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The fate of our nation hangs in the balance — or, to put it another way, the 2016 presidential election is in full swing.

The armies of good and evil have arrayed themselves against each other, and the fate of our nation hangs in the balance — or, to put it another way, the 2016 presidential election is in full swing. And you may not realize it, but the war will be won or lost based on how people like you use social media.

With that in mind, here are some tips for using the internet to sway the election for the side of righteousness. As a bonus, you may be able to stop the decline of Western civilization at the same time.

No. 1: Use all caps when you comment

You don’t want your ideas to tiptoe around in timid lowercase letters. That’s fine for unconfident people, but you hold your beliefs passionately. DO NOT HIDE THEM BEHIND WIMPY LOWERCASE.

No. 2: Use profanity whenever possible

People aren’t going to be persuaded by cold logic. You have to appeal to their emotions. And there’s no better way to tap into those emotions than by swearing at them. Studies have shown that using vulgar language when you argue is just as persuasive as using all caps. Remember: This is a battle for hearts and minds.

No 3: Attack your opponent’s character

If you don’t have time for complex arguments, a good shortcut is to simply call people names. This lets everyone know that they are not trustworthy without wasting crucial time.

Incredibly, you can learn everything you need to know about someone by reading just one social media post. This qualifies you to judge their motives, intellect, and upbringing. If they don’t measure up to your standards, tear them to shreds. They deserve it, and you’ll be the clear winner of the argument.

As an added bonus, many people have found that they can bolster their sense of worth by belittling others.

No. 4: Tone is crucial

People often underestimate tone. It can’t do everything, but it’s an important weapon in your arsenal. The ideal tone to adopt is one of disdain.

Disdain has many advantages. It shows that you know you are right, and it also makes sure people are aware that you are intelligent and sophisticated. At the same time, it helps everyone see clearly that your opponent is dumb, and therefore likely wrong, because dumb people are wrong a LOT.

No. 5: Don’t lose the war over truth

Do not let anyone get away with portraying the world in a way you know is wrong. This is extremely important. You may be done with social media for the day, ready to go relax with your family, but when you see a comment you disagree with, duty calls. You must weigh in immediately or — and this is the terrifying part — the truth itself may change. You can’t afford that risk.

No 6: Repetition, repetition, repetition

So you’ve written 20 political posts on Facebook today and none of your friends or family have changed their minds yet. It doesn’t take a genius to figure out what you should learn from this: You must write more posts. Use several different social media accounts, and for good measure share the posts of people who agree with you (just make sure to add “This is so true” so people know what you think).

No. 7: There’s never a bad time to insert race

You might be hesitant to make strident comments on race issues if you were talking to someone face to face, but with the wonders of social media, you can throw out your messages from the safety of your home without having to look anyone in the eye, so it’s fine in any context.

No. 8: Never give up

If Marines can go through boot camp and the horrors of war to help save their country, you should be able to handle the brutal landscape of social media.

Good luck, soldier. We’re counting on you.

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Andrew Sharp is a producer at The Daily Times and Email him at On Twitter @buckeye_201 and on Facebook @andrewsharp201