Content as a strategy

Ricardo De Melo Matos – Journalist, Founder & CEO of About Marketing
content is king seo web optimization

Social media has brought to the world a new dynamic. Communication was once seen as being only one way: the company talked and people just listened.

Now with the advent of digital media, individuals are free to speak their minds, give opinions and interact in a way that better serves your organization. The strategic means of digital marketing are plentiful, and it seems that new communication paths open every day.

 Today the Internet provides many approach channels to reach customers and promote your specific brand. An effective plan or road map is an essential tool, whether you’re a small business or a multinational company. A web channel can be used for different marketing objectives, and still be an intuitive extension of your organization.

To win in this virtual world, and find your company featured on the web, you need to be aware of search mechanisms , many of which are increasingly sophisticated and dynamic. Often updated and relevant content is the best way to provide innovative and quality information. The great Steve Jobs once said that “CONTENT would be the most valued element on the Internet,” and he was completely right.

It’s not just having a website on the internet, which when displayed, can be triggered to generate new business, it’s more about producing interesting content in order to reach and engage your audience. SEO (Search Engine Optimization) or (optimization of search engines) is your best ally in finding your way through this virtual world. SEO’s main objective is to highlight a website, and all but guarantee it appears first among search results (like on Google).

Utilizing a SEO strategy allows your site to be a source of relevant content on a particular subject, so in a search, your site becomes identified as expressive, showing up in better positions than on other sites on the same subject, which have yet to implement any optimization.

Lastly, a search result well positioned in an organic search provides qualified traffic at no cost to the company , as opposed to sponsored links (where you pay to appear on the top or side of the results). Ultimately, even if your company chooses sponsored links, the bottom line is it’s important to employ solid SEO techniques to ensure better results.

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